Excellence Through Tradition and Innovation

Trust Hungary Corporation

Crafting a superior barrel requires relentless commitment to superior quality.

The Road to the Perfect Barrel

For generations, winemakers around the world relied on coopers to provide barrels. Historically, barrels were used primarily for transportation and storage of wines. However, as winemakers realized that barrels could enhance their wines, oak was distinguished because of its physical and chemical characteristics that import unique flavors and aromas into wine.

1. Buying logs

Hungarian Oak Trust barrels are made exclusively from Hungarian oak sourced from mixed forests throughout Hungary. Only the two species of oak best suited for wine barrel production are used, Quercus Petraea and Quercus Robur. These are the same species of oak found growing fourteen hundred kilometers west of Hungary in the forests of France.

2. Split Wood

Trust's Hungarian barrels are produced exclusively from split oak. This essential first step in the stave production process begins by sawing the oak trunks into sections. Then, these sections are split by driving a wedge into the inner core of each section, splitting the oak along its grain. Once the oak is split; the bark, sapwood and inner core are sawed away, revealing the part of the oak from which our staves are made.

3. Seasoning

Left in the open air, for a minimum of 2 or 3 years, the staves are naturally seasoned by the wind, sun and rain.

4. Irrigation

Trust continuously tracks the weather conditions and the moisture content of its staves to ensure proper seasoning.

5. Coopering

Screening and evaluating every individual component of a Trust barrel is essential in the evolution of the barrel.

6. Pre-heating

This is an essential part of the process that allows a barrel to take its shape.

7. Toasting

The intensity and duration of the toasting process influences the aromas and flavors the barrel will contribute to a wine.

8. Finish

The roar of the hoop drivers, banging of hammers and the screech of a shaper and planer give the barrels their final shape.

And there you have it: a Trust barrel

Superior flavors and superior quality for superior results. Just add wine.